Winter Skills Program (K-2nd Grade)


For Boys & Girls in K-2nd Grade

To provide quality instruction in all aspects of basketball with an emphasis on fundamentals and skill development. NBBA sessions will focus entirely on fundamentals with an emphasis on ballhandling, shooting, defensive / offensive footwork, rebounding, passing, etc.


Jan. 8th – Feb. 9th (No Workout Jan. 15th)

1 Workout/Week: $140 (5 Sessions)
2 Workouts/Week: $249 (10 Sessions)


Reminder: The Weekday Skills Program Follows a Drop-In Model!
You have the flexibility to participate in any of the scheduled sessions based on the number of sessions you have registered for.

Program Details

All Sessions Take Place at Hamilton Gym, 5530 Nave Drive, Novato, CA

Please note the schedule is Tentative and subject to change based on registrations, court space, etc. 

Once or Twice per Week (5 Workouts or 10 Workouts)

Hamilton Gym – 5530 Nave Dr. Novato, CA 94949
  • K-2nd Grade (45-Min Sessions)
    • Mon. 4:30-5:15
    • Tues. 4:30-5:15
    • Wed. 4:30-5:15
    • Thurs. 4:30-5:15
  • Michael Turner – Former DI player @ Hartford University
  • Brock Winter – Former Director Erik Spoelstra Basketball Academy, HS Showcase Director
  • Kyle Winter – Marin Director, NBBA
  • Ruben Noles – Former Varsity Coach @ Elsie Allen, UA Rise Coach
  • Rick Winter – Retired Varsity Coach @ Marin Catholic HS
  • Jeremiah Mosley – NBBA Coach
  • Tyler West – NBBA Coach

For more Information: Contact Kyle Winter at (415) 246-3473 or